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Delve into the richness of the Old Testament with our comprehensive Bible study resources. Gain valuable insights and deepen your understanding of this important part of scripture.
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Those who like to read the bible, and take their life teachings from it, already know that the bible is just not one book. In fact, it is an entire library, a collection of songs, books, poetry, and teachings. The Christian bible is divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament. Broadly, these books of the bible are divided into these two Testaments.

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Nephi says he “likened” Isaiah to his family, then quotes Isaiah 48–49. Several details from Isaiah 48–49 can be easily applied, or “likened,” to the family’s experience wondering in the wilderness. By paying close attention to these connections, we gain insight into how one great prophet reads, interprets, and likens another great prophet. We can also see that Nephi found solace in the words of Isaiah.

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