Night sleep

Discover simple and effective tips to enhance the quality of your night sleep. Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated by implementing these strategies for a restful night.
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[Completed] BOOK TWO of HIS LITTLE GIRL "Forever & Always , baby." A look into the married lifestyle of Y/N and Jungkook. (It's advisable to read book one before approaching this one.) Any sort of plagiarism is highly unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly! /I do not permit any translations/ ***READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!*** A MooncakeWrites Original ©

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Description This will probably go into scraps after a little while because I just found it in my old school binder. It's based on the song "Sleep" by My Chemical Romance. I did this entirely in class (probably Honours English) with a ballpoint pen and a Sharpie on the back of some homework. EDIT SIGH. I guess it'll be staying in my gallery... I didn't like the song so much as I liked the idea.

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