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Explore the world of Nick Bateman, the charismatic actor, model, and martial artist. Learn about his journey, achievements, and get inspired by his impeccable style.
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COMPLETED✅ When 2 drop dead gorgeous heirs are forced into marriage, what happens? They more or less figure out that there might be side effects to this marriage. side effects may include: - A hot tempered wife who's obsessed with movies. - A confusing husband that keeps to himself. - Hell of great outfit choices to match the sexiness of both. - And oh, maybe just a little bit of love and affection…

Annette Dunlevey
The Mafia boss and his Rose Completed - Chapter 10 - Page 3 - Wattpad Models, Karate, Male Models, Nick Bateman, Handsome Men, Handsome, Boss Man, Nicholas, Men

Nicholas Adriano Black is a 28 year old Italian boss who is a selfish and horrible because of his past and when he sees a mischievous and bubbly girl he wants her. Hope Selina Dobrev is 18 years old she is mischievous and does things her way and doesn't take shit from no one but she starts to develop feeling for Nicholas. It's my first book sos if there are any spelling mistakes.

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Samantha Camilla William.   Daughter of the richest family in the wor… #romance #Romance #amreading #books #wattpad Male Models, Nick Jonas, Nick Bateman, Handsome Men, Attractive Men, Men, Handsome, Good Looking Men

Samantha Camilla William. Daughter of the richest family in the world. She's absolutely gorgeous, and not only that, but she's super intelligent too. She's a self made billionaire, just like her two brothers. Girls wanna be her, and guys wanna be with her. The thing is, no one knows she's the Samantha William. They just know she has the looks. So what happens when she has to sign a contract and is officially married to a billionaire she doesn't know anything about. Especially a billionaire…

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