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Bully Contamination (Harry Styles) - Chapter 12 - Wattpad

⚠️{Reminder: This story escalates very quickly and unexpectedly. If you do not like fast developing stories, please do not blame me for making it that way, thank you}.⚠️ Have you ever hated the presence of a minor and unwanted constituent? Well that's how Hannah feels and she refuses to let anyone know about her bully, Harry Styles. After hurting her and putting her through so much pain, will Harry be able to get Hannah to fall for him when he starts to like her? Or will he end up putting…

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In which Selena and Harry have to go through way too many obstacles t… #teenfiction # Teen Fiction # amreading # books # wattpad Idol, Celebrities, Boy Bands, People, Harry Styles, Boys, Guys, Husband

In which Selena and Harry have to go through way too many obstacles to save their love. Social Media IMPORTANT NOTE - I've written this last year and honestly, looking back at all of this, it's bad but i don't want to edit it. I don't like going back to this to be honest. I've also done a sequel which is kinda better but still. Anyway, love you all and take care. And thank you all for the support!!

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