Muscovy duck

Learn fascinating facts about Muscovy ducks, including their unique appearance, behavior, and habitat. Discover why these ducks are a popular choice for backyard poultry enthusiasts.
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University removes number of invasive Muscovy ducks - The Miami Hurricane

A staple of wildlife on the University of Miami Coral Gables campus, the Muscovy duck has waddled around UM for decades. Recently, however, the school has removed a number of them due to health and safety concerns. See More: Questions remain about university’s duck control On Jan. 20, David Dyer, weekend and night operations manager of the

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Male wild Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschato) native to Mexico and Central and South America Muscovy Duck, Duck And Ducklings, Amazing Animal Pictures, Kinds Of Birds, Rare Birds, Game Birds, Tropical Birds, Exotic Birds, Sea Birds

Male Muscovy Duck (Pato do Mato macho)

The Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata) is a large duck which is native to Mexico and Central and South America. A small wild population reaches into the United States in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. There also are feral breeding populations in North America in and around public parks in nearly every state of the USA and in the Canadian provinces; feral populations also exist in Europe. Although the Muscovy Duck is a tropical bird, it adapts to icy and snowy conditions down to –12°C…

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