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Experience the joy of riding a mini velo bike, a compact and versatile option for urban commuting. Find the perfect mini velo bike that suits your style and enjoy a convenient and efficient way to travel around the city.
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Folding Bikes - Bikesdirect Mini Velo upgrade thread - Originally Posted by Ultralight Curious. Apparently many of you mode the Mercier significantly to bring the performance up. How does the frame compare to Respect Cycles? THeir built up single speed MiniVelo is under 20 lbs so the frame looks like it is a

Velo Orange Nuetrino Minivelo Presale is Live | The Radavist Bmx Wheels, Urban Bike Style, Raleigh Chopper, Minimalist Camping, Velo Orange, Mini Velo, Urban Bicycle, Cycling Trips, Urban Bike

Velo Orange Neutrino Minivelo Presale is Live

Minivelos gained popularity in cities where space is limited. The Neutrino Mini-Velo is a full sized bike with BMX tires, so high-quality rims and tires are cheap, plentiful, and strong. The small diameter wheels keep acceleration quick for cruising around town. Thick 2.4" tires eliminate the harshness of typical small wheeled bikes. The short wheelbase makes it easy to store inside so you don't have to worry about it getting ripped off overnight. For multi-modal traveling, it's easier to…

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