Midevil food

Transport yourself back in time with these mouthwatering medieval food recipes. Experience the flavors of the past and impress your guests with a historical feast fit for royalty.
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Winther have really got it´s strong hold on Denmark and for the moment it seems like a very long time to spring and summer. I´m really missing my plant dyeing and the colourfull yarns that it gives. Thankfully one of my friends from our medieval group gave me a large amount of mushroms in november in exchange for something nålebundet. I was thrilled that she had picked so many which were enough to dye fabric in the size of 1 m x 1,6 m. So a couple of weeks ago I got the earge to dye and…

Cecilie Rasmussen
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Dragon Berry Jelly Tarts | The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince from Wonderstorm is one of the Fall Netflix premiers that I've been greatly anticipating and it's finally arrived (Sept. 14)!! One of the things that got me really excited for the show, aside from the fact that it's an awesome-looking animated fantasy, is that The Dragon Prince has a couple of the creative minds behind "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and promises action, character depth, engaging story, and humor (the voice actor of Sokka is even in it!). Wonderstorm is even…