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Step back in time with fashionable Middle Ages clothing ideas. Discover how to create a unique style inspired by this historical era and stand out from the crowd.
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Unusual Historicals

By Lisa Marie Wilkinson The 1890-1914 period referred to as La Belle Époque (French for “Beautiful Era”) was a time of peace and national pride buoyed by scientific and technological discovery. This fashion era overlapped the Edwardian fashion era in Britain and is nostalgically viewed as a golden age in contrast to the stark world introduced by World War I. In France, those of wealth and privilege enjoyed the perks only the rich could afford, frequenting new entertainments such as the…

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The two kingdoms of Ealdor and Camelot have been at war for years. Th… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad Medieval Clothing, Medieval Dress, Gaun Abad Pertengahan, Elven Dress, Medieval Gown, Fashion Fantasy, Medieval Costume, Old Dresses, Medieval Fashion

The Arranged Marriage

The two kingdoms of Ealdor and Camelot have been at war for years. The two kings, King Balinor and King Uther, finally decide to make an alliance, on one condition, the two kingdoms have to be united through marriage. Prince Merlin of Ealdor and Princess Morgana of Camelot are definitely not happy. Will they learn to like each other over time? And will they find out about Morgana's little secret?

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