Plan your next vacation to Michigan and experience the stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage. Discover top attractions and activities in this captivating state.
Happy 175th Birthday today (1/26/12) to Michigan (Great Lakes State and Water Winter Wonderland) Trips, Canada, Michigan, Michigan State Map, Michigan Road Trip, State Of Michigan, Michigan Travel, Michigan Pride, Lake Michigan

Like many Michiganders, I often find myself taking our fair state for granted. We're always on the top ten list for something bad, i.e. we're obese (#10), we're unemployed (#5), we're victims of violent crime (#10), etc. I want to start writing more about the good stuff we have here. To start, I'm featuring some Michigan blogs I like: Absolute Michigan is "All Michigan, All the Time" - a collection of links, features, news and information about the state of Michigan made better every day by…

Patricia Collins

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