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Explore the captivating world of Michael Wolf's photography and get inspired by his unique perspective and artistic vision. Discover the stories behind his iconic images and delve into the beauty and complexity of his subjects.
Michael Wolf // The art of stuffing people into Tokyo's subway trains

Thank God it's Friday. Because if you were on your Monday morning commute in Tokyo right now, the day probably wouldn't be getting off to the greatest start. I had never before seen this practice of "stuffing" people into subway cars. I also had no idea subway staff are hired to do just that... [you

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Michael Wolf is known for his large-format architectural photos of Chicago and primarily of Hong Kong, where he has been living for more than 15 years. His latest pictures have also been created in a big city: Tokyo. But this time Tokyo’s architecture is not the topic. Michael Wolf’s Tokyo Compression focuses on the craziness of Tokyo’s underground system. For his shots he has chosen a location which relentlessly provides his camera with new pictures minute by minute. Every day thousands and…

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For over 20 years Michael Wolf has been photographing Hong Kong. During that time he has captured the towering pastel facades of its high rise architecture in a vein similar to Thomas Struth or Andreas Gursky, but perhaps more interestingly he has delved into the hidden maze of the city’s back alleys. What he found and has faithfully documented, are the innumerable abstract urban still lifes seen throughout. All the city’s flotsam and jetsam, from clusters of gloves and clothes hangers, to…