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Discover a variety of fun and engaging maths activities for primary school students. Help your child develop a strong foundation in mathematics and make learning enjoyable.
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Maths pages from the Twinkl website

Every so often I try to write a general post which includes links for the worksheets and pages that we have been using from Twinkl. This time I am only going to write about Maths. I have written a…

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Find the Fractions of Shapes – Part 6

Expressions that show the equal parts of a whole and can be written as a/b are called fractions. While showing fractions, a fraction line is drawn in the middle, the numerator above the line and the denominator below it. The denominator shows how many equal parts a whole is divided into, and the or shows how many of these parts have been taken or scanned. Whole: Objects that are not divided, fragmented, or removed are whole. For example, a whole apple is known as a whole. Likewise, a whole…

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Multiplication Crossword in 2022 | Multiplication, Kids math worksheets, Math practice worksheets

Mar 21, 2022 - Free printables for your primary school class! You won’t want to miss these free teacher resources that you and your students will love. Great for CRT teachers! Simply click on… Read More

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Math Addition #1

Download the worksheet for free at HERE First, let’s look at how to add on a number line. Addition on a number line: Let numbers start from zero up to fifteen on a number line. So what happens if we add 7 and 5 on this number line? Example: First, we find the number zero on the number line. Then we move from the number 0 to the number 7. After we find the number 7, we count 5 numbers. So when we count 5 more after 7, we get 12 on the number line. Adding with the number zero:

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