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Discover a collection of catchy math songs that will make learning enjoyable and help you master important concepts. Sing along and enhance your math skills with these fun and educational songs.
Here's a song for helping students remember the names for whole number place values to the hundreds. First Grade Maths, Pre K, Place Value Song, Math Place Value, Teaching Place Values, 1st Grade Math, First Grade Math, 2nd Grade Math, Math Songs

Hi! Remember me? Yes, I'm that blogger you love hearing from. The one that posts the most random things from kindergarten math, to sixth grade reading, to clip art. Yeah, I took a little hiatus. Prepping for the big sale wore me out. I took a few (fourteen) steps back from the computer for a few days and enjoyed life as a non-blogger. I didn't creating anything at all, for almost two weeks, for the first time in months. I do have quite a few things that I found that I want to share with you…

Tricia Stohr-Hunt
Song, "I'm a Greater Gator" (Tune: "I'm A Little Teapot"; from Differentiation Station Creations) Humour, Pre K, Dance, First Grade Maths, Preschool Songs, Kindergarten Songs, Math Songs, 2nd Grade Math, Elementary Math

Here is "Greater Gator", an easy DIY math manipulative. I'm always looking for concrete ways to help kids grasp mathematical concepts. Inspiration hit at the dollar store- 2 green dusters became the adorable "Greater Gator"! It is a very cheap and easy way to bring the concept of greater than and less than to life! "Greater Gator" is made out of 2 cloth dusters from the dollar store. You will need: - 2 cloth dusters (preferably green) - 2 safety pins - 2 large wiggly eyes - 2 glass rocks…

Ricky Wiatt