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Explore creative massage business ideas to attract more clients and increase your success. Discover unique strategies and techniques to take your massage business to the next level.
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How I Went From Zero Clients To Fully Booked For Six Months — Nesha Woolery

I went traveling… and came home to zero clients. Yep - zero. Nada. Not even a small project. Because I had been busy traveling through Thailand, I hadn't put any time or effort into promoting my services and booking clients for when I returned to the UK. I just hoped clients would find me.&

Suthinee Nilvadee
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30 Ways to Advertise Your Massage Business [Tips for Traveling Massage Therapist]

Putting up a mobile massage business takes good advertising work. If you are employed by an establishment, there is no need to directly promote your services. But if you are independently practicing, you better start spreading the word!

Rajesh Chavan