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Discover the beauty and excitement of marble machines with these top ideas. Create your own masterpiece and experience the joy of watching marbles roll and race through intricate tracks.
Marblevator, Perpetual?, Version 2. : 3 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Marblevator, Perpetual?, Version 2.: I designed this model to mimic the operation of a few new "perpetual motion" devices that have yet again been appearing in my suggested video feed. "Marblevator, Perpetual?, Version 2" like "Marblevator, Perpetual?" is not perpetual motion, but it s…

Peter Laverack
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It moves! #woodworking #woodturning #kineticsculpture #kineticart #gravitywell #gears #marblemachine #whimsical. Dmitriy Sevostyanov · Magical Fantasy

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