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Discover the most common makeup fails to avoid and learn how to achieve a flawless look. Get expert tips and tricks to enhance your makeup skills and boost your confidence.
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Whether it's a botched eyeliner job or a foundation shade that doesn't quite match our skin tone, many of us have had our fair share of beauty mishaps. And sometimes they're not so easy to avoid. However, the subreddit r/BadMUAs takes a lighthearted approach to showcasing some of the most cringe-worthy makeup fails on the internet.

Angela C. F.
22 Makeup Fails That Will Haunt Your Nightmares Make Up, Fails, Makeup

I think these photos require a warning in advance, they are scary and haunting but you aren’t alone, all of us are very scared too. I just don’t understand how people can do their makeup like this and actually think that they look good… If you take anything from this, just learn to NEVER do your

Zcarlet Smile
She’s Like A Full 8 Shades Darker Than Her Arm Bad Makeup Fails, Celebrity Makeup Fails, Plastic Surgery Fail, Geisha Makeup, Fake Freckles, Bad Makeup, Makeup Fails, Too Much Makeup, Heavy Makeup

There's a subreddit called Bad MakeUp Artists, and the photos people post in there have an "Instagram vs. Reality" vibe to them. In the sense that it's hard to imagine a person applying that much foundation or eye shadow, thinking 'Yeah, this is going to look great!' and another one glancing at the mirror and saying 'I can't wait to go out like this.' Maybe if it was for some kind of skit but that's about it. However, here they are, attending weddings and filming YouTube videos with enough…

Dimity Truelove