Llama violeta

Add a touch of vibrancy to your home decor with these llama violeta ideas. Discover how to incorporate this stunning color into your living space for a bold and stylish look.
The violet flame helps get rid of any imbalances in our threefold flame. And when we become balanced, we can grow even more in wisdom, love, and power – qualities which will help each of us make it all the way back home! #violetflame #violetflame #mantra #selfhelp #balancedlifestyle Llama Violeta, Spiritual Stories, Soul Retrieval, Elixir Of Life, Violet Flame, Structured Water, Ascended Masters, Morning Meditation, Archangel Michael

The Wizard of Oz – a Spiritual Adventure Part 2 - We’re Off To See The Wizard

In Part I of this blog-series we developed the idea that The Wizard of Oz is also a spiritual story, which regardless of your chosen religion or belief system, parallels the journey we are all on. The spiritual adventures of Dorothy, the central character in the movie, continues in part 2 below!Have you ever heard the expression that it is a single grain of sand which creates the irritation within an oyster to produce a beautiful pearl? In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy must have felt like she…

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