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Explore our collection of line art lesson ideas to unleash your creativity. Learn the basics of line art and discover techniques to create stunning masterpieces.
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Line & pattern is one of the most basic elements of art that sets the foundation for art making. Teaching children about this element empowers them how

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Explore the Element of Art: Line with your favorite art mediums, such as felt markers and crayons, with this Flower Line Art Project Drawing Tutorial for kids. This is an easy to-do, hands on activity that kids can do at home or in the classroom to help them learn and understand the element of art: line. Perfect for elementary students! Let's make art!

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Free:  Ande Cook's Expressive and Directional Line handout.  With a complete sub lesson too! Line Art Lessons High School, Substitute Art Lessons High School, Drawing Lesson Plans, Expressive Line Art, High School Art Worksheets, Lines Worksheet, Expressive Lines, Line Art Lesson, Freetime Activities

Here is another sample page from Ande Cook that was sent out with SchoolArts magazine several years ago. The page "Expressive Line" challenges students to imagine everything a line can do. I wrote up a brief sub lesson for this worksheet explaining everything the teacher should do to help students understand this exercise. Here is Ande Cook's book Art Starters that a lot of these worksheets from SchoolArts are originally from.

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You might be asking, What are the 7 Elements of Art and How Do I Teach Them? The Elements 7 Elements of Art are: Line, Value, Color, Space, Shape, Form, and Texture and they are the foundations or building blocks that artists use to make art. Let's dive in and learn about the 7 Elements of Art, Which You Should Teach First, and How to Teach them.

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