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By Cassie Rief in Featured Artists > Oil Paintings “Structure” and “meaning” are two words that could define any of Elizabeth Floyd’s still life paintings. A former architect, Elizabeth’s delicate use of layers of color and specifically chosen subject matter combine to form meaningful compositions which draw viewers deeper into the story of each piece. Elizabeth also has the technical ability to impart the feeling of objects through paint. One glance at Pitcher and Pomegranates below and I…


Now that I’m full time at this and painting a lot more, I have more opportunity to try things out and develop my painting process as I go. I’m going to try to post a bit more here about how my process is changing currently, and how I put my paintings together, since it might give you some ideas f

Emilie Vraa
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John Singer Sargent was a remarkable and prolific artist, having created over 900 oil paintings and 2,000 watercolor paintings (many of which you can see on Sargent's gallery page). You will notice that I use his work to illustrate many of the posts on Draw Paint Academy. In this post, I take a closer look

Jennifer Richards
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The impact a painting has on the viewer often does not depend on how much detail you put in. Rather, it depends much more on how you simplify the scene in front of you using notan design. In this article I explain how I used the notan design concept to create a small, but very effective painting. Follow this idea and you too will have a lot more successful paintings. What is notan? In order to simplify your painting, you have to understand the basics of notan design. You do not need more…

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Joaquín Sorolla, Return from Fishing, the Beach in Valencia, 1907 When I ask readers what they are struggling with most in painting, one of the most common replies is a struggle to paint looser and more relaxed. This is a common problem in painting. We tend to overthink and overcomplicate things. The end result is usually

Alecia Ferrell