Lemon juicer

Discover the best lemon juicer tools to easily extract fresh, tangy citrus juice. Enhance your recipes and enjoy the refreshing taste of homemade lemonade with these top-rated juicers.
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Handmade ceramic lemon juicer, pottery juice squeezer made with red clay and glaze with white & yellow glaze. Food safe glaze. Approximately Measurments: Diameter 11,4cm, height 7cm I pack my ceramic products in a very troublesome and high quality way. Don't worry about their safety! In order for your package to be delivered safely, your cargo company phone number is requested. Please include your phone number in your address.

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You want to talk citrus? Bring up the subject with a veteran bartender! They squeeze more limes and lemons in one evening that we do in a whole season of making lemon bars and key lime pie. A bartender friend of ours recently gave us the inside scoop on his favorite tool for getting the most juice out of our citrus!They’re simply called citrus juicers, and you can see them pictured above. You put the citrus half in the well of the juicer cut-side down (counter-intuitive, we know!).

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