Lego minifigs

Explore a world of creativity and adventure with these top LEGO minifig ideas. From superheroes to pirates, unlock endless possibilities for imaginative play and building your own LEGO universe.
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The first Lego minifigs based on The Muppets are coming, and thanks to online toy watchers, fans have their first look at the pop culture icons in full Lego glory. A new collection of The Muppets blind bags are reportedly on the way, with Lego minifigs of 12 different Muppets characters randomly [...]

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here are ALL the figures for the first wave . . . well . . . ALMOST all of them ;) they'res still 1 more secret fig - that's kinda more like a LORE fig then a set fig - that i'm planning on making. I'm Also gonna do some tiny tiny things before Wrapping up the Egypt Wave. Hope you guys have enjoyed this - cause we STILL got Jungle - Dino - and Orient Expeditions to go!

Boris Stacho