Large cats

Explore the world of large cats and marvel at their beauty and majesty. Discover fascinating facts and stunning images of these magnificent creatures.
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We absolutely adore cats. From the tiniest smol meows to the biggest floofs around. And the latter ones call the ‘Illegally Big Cats’ subreddit, a community of nearly 13k feline-loving redditors, their home. We’ve collected some of the biggest cats and their adorable photos for you to feast your eyes on, dear Pandas, so go on and boost your mood by diving headfirst into this pile of cats.

Artemisia Absinthium
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Published by Lynx Edicions in association with Conservation International and IUCN Foreword by Russell A. Mittermeier Introduction to the Class Mammalia by Don E. Wilson Carnivores of all shapes and sizes are common throughout the world, being naturally absent only from the Australasian Region, where a few species such as the Dingo, the Red Fox, and the domestic cat have all arrived assisted by humans. Tigers, lions, wolves, bears, mongooses, civets, skunks, and weasels are some of the…

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Cats are extraordinary creatures! They vary dramatically in size, shape, and color. From ordinary tabbies to award-winning show cats, one thing is for sure: cats make our lives better. Perhaps you’re thinking of adopting a