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Capital Kiosk is very proud of its new Traditional Style Kiosk which has been installed in Blenheim Palace, Bicester Shopping Village, Mcarthurglen, Kildare Shopping Village, Maasmechelen Village, Torquay Harbour, St Mawes Harbour, Oxford, Bagshot, Chelsea. Fit-outs are tailored to suit different offerings – Ice Cream for the summer and Freshly baked Cinnamon Buns for the … Continue reading →

So Thada
by Valentinian That's a kiosk all right! | by Valentinian Korean Bar, Unfiltered Background, Storefront Design, Kiosk Design, Shop Fronts, Shop Front, Environment Concept, Advertising Signs, Environment Concept Art

That's a kiosk all right!

In Germany there are lots of small kiosks such as this one where you can buy a quick soda, newspaper, candy or magazine. But this one is particularly cool in my opinion because there are no less than five signs advertising it as such! Just from the way this kiosk is arranged I can tell that the owner takes a lot of pride in his business, and it is that sense of pride that makes me appreciate it as well.

Su Brecha

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