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Discover the captivating art of John F. Carlson and delve into his unique style and techniques. Explore a collection of his masterpieces and gain insights into his artistic journey.
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This Tumblerblog has info on paintings, art etc. Paintrist is a combination of Artist and Painter. I love art in all its forms but being a painter myself i stick to paintings. List of TagsTags are an easy way to navigate through a Tumblr. Lists of Paintrist by country List I: Argentina to Israel List II: Italy to USA Lists of Paintrist by Ism List III: Pre-historic to Peredvizhnikil List IV: Impressionism to abstract expressionism General Info info on art biographies museum theory…

March Floods - John F, Carlson Woodstock Art, Butler Art, Frank Vincent, Oberlin College, Woodstock New York, David Cook, Toledo Museum Of Art, Lynchburg Virginia, American Impressionism

Oil on canvas; 63.5 x 81.3 cm. As a young child in Sweden, John F. Carlson was introduced to art by an uncle who decorated carriages with landscapes. At the age of twelve, Carlson moved with his family to the United States and settled in Buffalo, New York. Carlson's early interest in art grew and he apprenticed with a lithographer and received guidance from an amateur artist named Frederick Mayor. He later worked as a Lithographer at Cosack & Company to help support his family. His formal…

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