Joel peter witkin

Explore the unique and thought-provoking world of Joel Peter Witkin's photography. Witness his captivating images that challenge societal norms and provoke deep introspection.
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One of Joel Peter Witkin’s many published volumes is titled Disciple & Master. Referencing the work of great artists to give his subjects beauty & visibility, Witkin claimed to show the abject & damaged to the world in all their glory. As disciple I have restaged some of his works with antique & broken dolls in an attempt to reinterpret the meanings of the master. My son is ravaged by chronic illness. The dolls for me, are metaphoric of his lost & broken childhood, opportunity…

Rosi Martins
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iJOEL PETER WITKIN( American,1939) is a photographer whose images of the human condition are undeniably powerful. For more than twenty years he has pursued his interest in spirituality and how it impacts the physical world in which we exist. Finding beauty within the grotesque, Witkin pursues this complex issue through people most often cast aside by society -- human spectacles including hermaphrodites, dwarfs, amputees, carcases, people with odd physical capabilities, fetishists and "any…

Dani Diaz