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Some Italian real-life towns, because of their characteristic lay-out or the fairy-tale atmosphere they exude when they light up and glow at night, look exactly like these miniature Christmas villages that are so popular in Italy. Below is a list of these città presepe, which offer an out-of-this-world sight of typical little Italian Nativity scenes, covered by snow or clinging to rock pinnacles.

Arte Presepiale Salomone Vincenzo
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Italy is filled with gorgeous, villages, towns and cities. Find out the prettiest towns in Italy, oh and some villages that need to be on your Italian Bucket list

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Italy attracts many visitors all year round. Most of its cities and towns are a must see tourist destinations. However, there are places that are not as mainstream, but are fascinating nonetheless. Medieval village of La Scola is one of them. From Bologna, northern Italy, take a little detour and in just about 40 miles, you’ll find yourself in a whimsical village of La Scola. Massive houses built centuries ago, seem to be frozen in time. The Borgo La Scola is among the best preserved…