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interactive media installations at Stam Ghent by Museums, Architecture, Design, Design Museum, Futuristic Design, Create, Creative, Exibition Design, Ghent provides a unique mix of creative and technical multimedia services for museums, theme parks, science & experience centres. This project is a good example of how we take our projects to a higher level by combining top notch application development, cms/showcontrol and audiovisual integration/installation. We really enjoyed working in our hometown Stad Gent. Check out some images of our work at STAM - Stadsmuseum Gent. #museum #interactive #immersive #projection #scenogra

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<p>Moment Factory collaborated with the design team at the Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) to enhance their “Planet Ice: Mysteries of the Ice Ages” exhibit. To create a new way for visitors to connect and engage, we integrated two touchless, interactive multimedia installations that encourage active participation.</p>

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In 1880, the opening of the Douro railway line provided an alternative to waterway transport. Travellers, but more particularly Port wines and the products necessary to produce them, benefitted from the two hundred kilometres of rail tracks connecting the Spanish border and the city of Porto...