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Stand out from the competition with these creative and innovative business card ideas. Make a lasting impression and leave a memorable mark with your unique business cards.
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So, you’ve started your own business, you’ve advertised it on social media, and the first influx of clients have found you. To strengthen the bond and spread the word about your services further, you’ve decided to order the first batch of custom business cards. And no matter whether you own an auto repair shop or offer legal services, your business card is your new face.Now, we’ve all probably thrown away a substantial amount of boring and unmemorable cards that were given to us on one…

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I never tire of repeating this to anyone who will listen. Don’t base your **business card design** on the fact that your printer has a special limited-time offer on round corners or metallic inks. Think in terms of what the design will add to your message. Tempted to use rounded corners just because the cool kids are doing it? Maybe your card would stand out more by _not_ using this technique.

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Xtra Space provides storage facilities throughout South Africa, for personal and business needs. To demonstrate the benefit of Xtra Space, we designed their business cards to store other business cards.

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Laser engraved black business card templates available FREE for RockDesign print customers. Our interior design templates are certain to impress!

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