Illustration animation

Explore a world of captivating illustration animation ideas and bring your designs to life. Discover top techniques and inspiration to create stunning animated illustrations.

​​​​​​​Jovia is a Credit Union based in Long Island, New York. With better rates and lower fees they make your hard-earned money work harder so you can do more at home, at work, or on vacation. Jovia provides all the services of any big bank, but also the…

Giovanni Sevathian

Based in Paris, Bruno Mangyoku has pursued a career as both an illustrator and an animation director. Fuelled by his passion for cinema, his illustrative process is also greatly influenced by American graphic novelists. He often employs a limited colour palette in his work, comprising of bright and strikingly contrasted shades, whilst his primary focus is the character design and silhouettes, staged around simple yet cinematic backgrounds. The result is super stylish illustrations which ooze…

Ahmed Yousry Metwaly