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IKEA Says it is 'Proudly Second Best' in New Campaign Celebrating Parenthood Ikea Advert, Ikea Ad, Peter Walsh, Mtv Cribs, Best Ikea, Branding Agency, Second Best, Good Parenting, Creative Advertising

IKEA Says it is 'Proudly Second Best' in New Campaign Celebrating Parenthood | Branding in Asia

Not often does a brand say that it is "second best" like IKEA does in its new campaign title, appropriately, "Proudly Second Best". But it's not a competitor or peer that it is taking the second seat to, it giving the nod of the best title to parents.

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IKEA continually explores how life at home is changing and time being of essence is certainly appreciated and carefully planned for in such fast paced culture. People tend to prioritize their time more than before, deciding to invest in things that matter and add value for their everyday. Due to the importance of digital presence for businesses to flourish, IKEA decided to launch the new Online shopping experience in Egypt. A new seamless experience in Egypt. Shopping made easier at IKEA all…

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