How to wrap a jar

Learn how to wrap a jar in unique and stylish ways for gifting or decorating. Explore step-by-step tutorials and get inspired to create beautiful and personalized jar wraps.
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Wrapping A Coffee Mug Gift

merrygojoy on Instagram: "How to wrap a coffee mug? #coffeemugs #coffeemug #coffeemugoftheday #teatime☕️ #teacup #chailatte #giftwrappingideas #giftwrappingservice #diycrafts #giftwrapping #ceramicdesign #coffeecups #latteartvideo #cappucino"

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How to wrap that odd shaped gift!

Yesterday I saw this video on facebook that showed how you could easily make a gift bag to wrap an odd shaped item. We had a Christmas gathering tonight with our small group from church, and we had to bring a wrapped white elephant gift. My gift was a snowman candle holder, which wasn't going to be easy to wrap, so I thought I would try making a gift bag. It was very easy and it made a cute bag. If you want to try it yourself, here is the video with the instructions: And here is my finished…

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Give the Gift of Tea

Hard to believe that today marks the two week countdown to the big day! How are you all doing with your shopping, decoration, advent calendars, party planning, vacations, and everything that falls in between? Around here, the holidays seems to have creeped up on us in a major way… so much so that we’ve opted to do an office-wide Secret […]

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Jar tops with cupcake liners. Cupcake Liner Crafts, Jar Covers, Muffin Liners, Ge Bort, Diy Cupcakes, Paper Cupcake, Decorated Jars, Cupcake Liners, Cupcake Wrappers

Pretty Preserves: Cover Jar Tops with Muffin Liners

Dana had a lovely tip last week on covering your freshly-filled jars of sauces and preserves with fabric and yarnThis is a nice tip for an extra muffin liners hanging about in the back of the cupboard — too few for a whole batch of cupcakes. (I have so many mismatched liners hanging out in my baking cupboard!) Use them to frill up a jar or two of homemade jam instead. Tie them to the jar top with twine, or with a rubber band.

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Mason Jar Crafts: Fishnet Wrapped Mason Tutorial using  Vintage Blue Mason Jar Mason Jar Projects, Kerajinan Diy, Diy Dekor, Blue Mason Jars, Diy Jar Crafts, Mason Jar Crafts Diy, Gold Diy, Lilo Stitch, Jar Diy

Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft - It All Started With Paint

Beach Decor Ideas: Easy Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Tutorial Sometime in mid-June I lapsed into vacation mode. Which was odd, because I wasn't on vacation. That was still over a month away. But somehow ... inexplicably ... when the kids finished school, I clicked into island time. I'm lucky if I make my bed each

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Display your baked goods in a glass mason jar. Cookie Wrapping Ideas, Picture Food, Mason Jar Wedding Favors, Mason Jar Gifts Diy, Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies, Wedding Favour Jars, Christmas Cookies Gift, Baking Packaging, Jar Ideas

Wrap it Up: 30 Cute Cookie Wrappers to Buy or DIY

What’s the secret to gifting a batch of baked goods? It’s simple really: pretty presentation. Food gifts are always a favorite, and beautiful packaging makes them so fun! You don’t have to be a master baker to invent a thoughtful food gift. (If the packaging is creative, who will even notice if the cookies aren’t homemade!?) We’ve made it easy for you to amp up your cookie-gifting game with these 30 cute cookie wrapping ideas.

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