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Caribbean Hook Sterling Silver Bracelet/ Vieques Fisherman Bracelet by Isla Oddball Handmade Jewelry in Solid .925 Silver 10mm, 6mm and 4mm - Etsy Handmade Jewellery, Bracelets, Jewellery, Sterling Silver Bracelets, Silver Bracelet, Sterling Silver Stack, Bracelet Stack, Sterling Silver, 925 Silver

Worn by islanders for centuries, the Caribbean hook bracelet has taken on many meanings. Traditionally, women wear it with the hook facing out when the men are away at sea. This represents open arms sending love and faith to protect the men on their voyage. Once the loved ones return safe and sound the bracelet is turned around so that the wearer’s “luck” is directed back towards the body. More recently, people wear the bracelet with the hook facing out to indicate an open or “available”…

Lynda Connell.
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