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Enhance your homeschooling experience with these must-have books. Find resources that will engage and educate your child, making learning enjoyable and effective.
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Inside you’ll find: The best books about homeschooling for mamas to read! Reading is a luxury when you’re a busy mom. But it’s also a necessity. Without quality books, we’d lack refreshment, inspiration, and growth. When I gear up to start our first official year of homeschooling, I knew I needed to arm myself with [...]

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One of the main differences of a Charlotte Mason education is the use of living books instead of textbooks to provide information and ideas. But what are living books? How can you spot them? In this post you'll learn how to better tell if a book is living or not, and you'll find incredible living

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Podcasts are one of our favorite free ways to listen to stories. These are our favorite children's podcasts including shows on virtues and Bible stories, shows on history, science, and nature study, shows about folktales, fables, and stories, and podcasts that explore music, hand rhymes, and movement.

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We love Julia Rothman’s book series. Her anatomy books make a fantastic addition to your homeschool library as resources your children will love not only for their amazing illustrations, but also the detailed descriptions. If you’re not sure quite how to make these books work in your lessons, you’re going to be really excited about...

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