Homemade dollhouse

Get inspired with these creative homemade dollhouse ideas that will provide endless fun and imagination for your little ones. Discover unique designs and DIY tutorials to create the perfect dollhouse for your child.
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Finishing Your Dollhouse

There is no wrong or right way to finish your dollhouse. Below are some tips that might be useful when you make your finishing decisions. Color Schemes and Paint Color Finding the right color for your dollhouse is one of the hardest things to choose. Even the most well assembled and beautiful dollhouse will lose its appeal, if you just can't live with its color scheme. Colors have to be chosen carefully because once they are on your dollhouse, they are on to stay. Dollhouses can only be…

Peggy Durden
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How To Make A DIY Dollhouse For A Toddler — Alice de Araujo

Eva asked for a "rabbit house" (dollhouse) for her third birthday , so we downed tools on the never-ending lead paint removal stair renovation project , and set to with the jigsaw and a huge piece of MDF that - you'll never guess - we found in the cellar . Bless the previous owners and