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Explore a world of exciting hobby electronics projects and unleash your creativity. Get inspired with top ideas to build, design, and experiment with electronic circuits and devices.
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How to Make a IR Proximity Sensor at Home: In this Instructable I show you how to make a simple infrared sensor for hobby projects and to learn how an infrared sensor works. I used an infrared sensor with one of my previous Instructables (the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser) but I didn't …

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Projector Using Old Smartphones: In this tutorial, we make a homemade DIY smartphone projector using your old, outdated smartphone, which is going to be scrapped. We reuse this smartphone for making prototypes with simple steps and available, low-cost materials. You can make this p…

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How to Build a Power Supply for Electronics Hobby: This power supply can be used by electronics hobbyists. Materials: PC Power Supply with Cord 3/8" MDF Wood On/Off Switch From Old Computer 1 Red LED 1 Green LED 6 Banana Jack Sockets Heat Shrink Tubing Plexiglass (Lexan) Wood Screws Drill Motor Dr…

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