Godly Man

Discover the inspiring traits that define a Godly man. Learn how to cultivate these characteristics and become a positive influence in your community.
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Check out these 10 characteristics of a godly man that will help you discern better when dating or in a relationship.

Katie A. Clayton
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If a girl makes herself the kind of woman God expects her to be, she will be the kind of woman a godly man desires. I found Phylicia attractive because she desired to be more like Christ, and she called me to a higher standard because I wanted to be worthy of a woman like her. If you make yourself beautiful in God's eyes, you will automatically be beautiful (generally attractive) in the eyes of a godly man.

Kent J. Bradley
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Well, you can still pray for your future husband even if you don't know who he is. This is because although you do not know him, God knows who he is and he can lead you to him. Your prayers for him can also help prepare him as a husband and a father for your children.

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You must pay attention to godly husband characteristics if you want to get a good husband. The Bible insists that a Godly husband must love his wife as he loves his own body. That means you can tell how much care a godly man will give you simply by looking at how he takes care ... Read more

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