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Discover a world of art and culture at the Getty Museum. Immerse yourself in breathtaking masterpieces and learn about the rich history behind each artwork. Plan your visit today and experience the beauty of the Getty Museum.
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Art may not be the first thing you think of when you think of Los Angeles, but the city is full of incredible art world destinations. Here is a guide to the most amazing art and heritage destinations in Central LA, Pasadena, Hollywood, Malibu, and Brentwood/Westwood.

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The Getty museums include the Getty Center, perched high in the Sepulveda Pass overlooking the city, and the Getty Villa, located atop a seaside bluff in Pacific Palisades. The museums are home to permanent collections ranging from ancient Rome to the modern day, captivating rotating exhibitions, and a variety of local events, all on beautiful grounds.

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High in the hills overlooking Los Angeles, The Getty Centre offers a commanding view. “Yeah, on a clear day you can see smog forever,” says a droll Angelino as he stares into the blue-grey gauze which lies lightly over his city on this typically perfect, dry day. That said the Getty, as it is commonly known and which opened 18 months ago, is beautifully appointed on a 46ha site above the San Diego Freeway in Brentwood. It looks from the Pacific Ocean and across the greater Los Angeles area…