Fly photography

Explore stunning fly photography techniques and capture the beauty of these tiny creatures with our top ideas. Take your photography skills to new heights and create mesmerizing images of flies in action.
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Post your best common housefly

Evan Pickett: I realised recently that I didn't have a good photo of the common housefly. It is the most abundant fly near human habitation, and therefore one of the most commonly encountered insects. Therefore, there should be some excellent photos out there. So I want to see your best shots of the common housefly. I'll get the ball rolling: Evan

Lianne Ruppel
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`Random visit Or my pics on darckr Flying foxes in Sydney botanic garden. So numerous they kill the trees, seeing them taking-off at dawn is quite impressive with the background of the modern city. From: "Flying-foxes are large bats, weighing up to 1 kg, with a wing span which may exceed one metre. They sleep during the day and feed on pollen, nectar and fruit at night. Flying-foxes, otherwise known as fruit bats, are mammals, and are members of the Pteropodidae family. They have the largest…