Feste a tema anni 20

Organizza una festa a tema anni 20 e immergiti nell'atmosfera glamour del passato. Scopri le migliori idee per creare un party indimenticabile e coinvolgente.
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Ljubavi (18+) NEW AND REWRITTEN - 4. 20th birthday

The Serbien mob boss Milos Jovanović is a experienced, hard working, cold hearted,handsome man that loves to sleep around. When he finds out his father arranged a marriage with the beautiful, young Teodora, his childhood friends baby sister, he goes mad but his father doesn't really leave him any choice. The new rewrite will add a little spice to our giiirl as so many of you wanted. Your welcome! Will he be able to resist her? A love story everyone's been waiting for. REWRITTEN 2022-03-27 A…

Christina Chavarria