Felting techniques

Enhance your felting skills with these proven techniques. Learn how to create beautiful felted creations using various felting techniques and take your craft to the next level.
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Bubble Felt: Wool is an incredible raw material to work with because it has a memory. Bubble Felt makes use of this memory From felt - wool that has been 'felted', you can make clothing, wall hangings, rugs, 3D figures, handbags, decorative or useful objects suc…

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Hello there readers! I get lots of compliments about my wet-felted background pieces and often get asked how they are made. So here’s a blog devoted to giving you an insight into the wet felting process and the tools that I use. To begin with, here are all my tools:1. Liquid soap2. Water spray bottle3. Hand washboard4. Bamboo mat5. Roller6. Net7. Bar of soap8. Wool yarns9. Coloured wool roving10 White wool roving11. White vinegar spray I begin by throwing an old towel over my work desk. This…

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