Felt mask

Add a touch of whimsy to your costume with these unique and playful felt mask ideas. Explore our top picks and unleash your creativity for your next masquerade or dress-up party.
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Friday Inspiration - Masks!

October is a month for making masks! Here are a few ideas to get you started .... Allison on Momspark has a great tutorial on how to make animal masks with felt. While the example is a raccoon, she tells you how to customize to your own animal. See the instructions here. If you're celebrating Dia de los Muertos at the end of this month, Kourtney Moon has a crocheted sugar skull mask here that you can add your own designs to. This one has an added benefit if your Halloween weather is icy…

Cynthia Maciel
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Venetian Mask – Wet Felted Masquerade Mask

Learn how to make a Venetian mask with this wet felting tutorial. This is a great beginner wet felting project to learn how to use a mold to shape an object. I’m personally a big fan of learning a new craft, but also ending up with something cool with a beginner project. So this is a perfect option if you’re just starting to learn how to wet felt. #abcrafty #masquerade #felt #felting #wetfelting #wool #mask

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