Farmers Market

Explore a variety of fresh and locally grown produce at your nearest farmers market. Discover tips and ideas for incorporating healthy and delicious ingredients into your meals.
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Let’s face it: staying healthy on vacation can be a hassle and a challenge. When you get into vacation mode, eating daily salads and fitting enough cardio into your schedule is much more difficult than when you’re in your own home. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to fit healthy

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If you haven’t been to a market in Provence, then you have yet to experience France at its very best. And Provencal markets don’t come much better than the Friday’s in Lourmarin. Side by side, traders from the surrounding hills line up to present their finest goods. The freshest produce, all grown locally and ripened […]

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The more steps between farm & consumer: > The worse the quality > The less the rancher gets > The more greedy corporations profit Buy from your local rancher more often Supporting small farms + small businesses will save America


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