Eva foam armor

Discover how to craft amazing armor using Eva foam. Explore top ideas and expert tips to unleash your creativity and make your own unique armor pieces.
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DIY Steampunk Shoulder Armor / Foam Armor Template

DIY Steampunk Shoulder Armor / Foam Armor Template: I made a mechanical arm pattern a while ago, and though it looked pretty epic by itself, I felt it would be even better if it was a part of a larger mechanical body armor piece. Those were the roots behind this steampunk shoulder armor, though it ho…

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EVA foam/Plastazote - Breastplate for female armors

Did you know you can make easy breastplates out of EVA foam or Plastazote? a) Wrap yourself in plastic wrap and tape and trace the design. You probably want to put on the bra that you plan to wear with your cosplay. b) Cut it out. USE A LOT OF MARKINGS on the boobie part or you won't be able to glue it again in place. The boobie cup needs to get cut in (notches) until it lays flat. I only used one here, but more are recommended - it depends on how round you want your cup. This also works for…

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