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Bulletproof designed the electric packaging for Zagg, a malt-infused energy drink that’s a fusion of ingredients: some from the natural nourishment of African malt and others from the world of energy drinks. The packaging system moves away from aggressive masculinity and into a visual space that leans into optimism and energy. Plus, the color palette […]

Stuart Martin
Creeture Energy Drinks by Ogden Sikel – Packaging Of The World Energy Drink Illustration, Cocktail Can Design, Energy Drinks Design, Soda Can Packaging, Energy Drink Can Design, Energy Drink Branding, Energy Drink Packaging Design, Drink Can Design, Energy Drink Packaging

Quench your thirst and balance your body with Creeture Energy Drinks! The front of each can is graced with a unique and very intensely illustrated wild beast, whose mythological story comes alive on the back, which furthers the brand's storytelling capabalities and overall vibe.