Embroidery sampler

Get inspired with these beautiful embroidery sampler ideas for beginners. Start your stitching journey with these creative designs and create unique masterpieces.
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The 12 Basic Stitches and Color Wheel Sampler - Sarah's Hand Embroidery Tutorials

The 12 Basic Stitches using the Color Wheel Hand embroidery does not demand you to learn hordes of stitches to create beautiful samplers and work on a project. So, if you are a beginner, do not get intimidated by the sheer number of stitches that...

Becky Sloan
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On Random Stitch Samplers

One request that’s been coming up on the website and via e-mail lately is whether or not I can provide a pattern for working a sampler of surface embroidery stitches, for practicing all the various embroidery stitches shown in the embroidery videos here on Needle ‘n Thread. Good news! You don’t need to a pattern ...

Patty Huntsman
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All about the (nearly finished) Stitch Sampler

My stitch sampler is finally finished being stitched! Actually it was done a few weeks ago but never mind. I kept thinking I wouldn’t do a blog post about it until I’d finished mounting it etc but …

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Embroidery Stitches Sampler Book Part 2

The construction of the embroidery stitches sampler books is hard to describe for this crafts how-to. I hope the photos help and that I can effectively describe how I put them together and make sense instead of being clear as mud. If you click on an image, you will get a closer view. It will…


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