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This is a part of infographics series published by Ubuntu Mail. This infographics represents the education condition around the world. There are 1.4 billion students on the earth and only 65.2 million educators globally. Even then too many children remain out of school, and those who are in school aren't learning the skills they need for life and work.

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In the article, we have collected some hot design topics that you should follow in order to master your talents in the right direction, create up-to-date infographic templates, and as a result, be a high-demand graphic specialist. #infographics #designinfographics #howtocreateinfographics

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Career Path Infographic— Design and Engineering Education with Roland Technology | Roland Design, Education Solution, Career Pathways, Educational Infographic, Engineering Education, Career Path, Inclusive Education, Infographic Examples, Education Design

The following infographic illustrates the ways in which Roland DG assists in career growth, including the new machines, Project Based Learning tutorials, and other ways that Roland DG is providing support for students and teachers.

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These online education infographics are an excellent choice to provide insight into the online education program or course. With visual representations and valuable details, these online education infographics will display all the necessary details about online education courses. On the other hand, some online education infographics offer notable trends, takeaways, and status. Besides, these online education infographics will add eye-catching information. Also, it includes essential…

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