Easy sculpture ideas

Unleash your artistic talent with these easy sculpture ideas. Create stunning sculptures using simple materials and techniques. Get inspired and start sculpting today!
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For some people, making something beautiful such as a wire sculpture might give a lot of pleasure, especially for beginners who are just trying to figure out the wire sculpture things.

sue patterson
<3 //// little clay kitties                                                                                                                                                                                 More Air Dry Clay Cat, Clay Cat, Art Pierre, Kids Clay, Clay Cats, Tanah Liat, Pottery Animals, Air Dry Clay Projects, Keramik Design

I made these little clay kitties yesterday. I'm taking a tile making class at the local art center and my last day is tomorrow. But I had some clay left and I decided to try and use it all up, so I made these. Now they need to be fired and glazed. I'm thinking one could be black with some white patches and the other could be be more white with orange and yellow and brown spots. Or I might just make them both one color. Idk. I get to see how my tiles turned out tomorrow too so I'll be sure to…

Carolyn Tinner