Duesenberg car

Explore the iconic Duesenberg cars that epitomize timeless elegance and deliver unmatched performance. Discover the history, design, and engineering of these legendary automobiles.
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1932 Duesenberg Model J Town Car by Kirchhoff | Hershey 2017 | RM Sotheby's

The famed ads may have said “She Drives a Duesenberg,” but Countess Anna Ingraham, heiress to the American clock and watch fortune, did not drive herself. For that, she had J. Gerald Kirchhoff, the man who had built her automobile’s body with his own two hands, carefully crafting its unique coachwork at a cost of $25,000. Obviously he was impressed with his employer, and why shouldn’t he have been? Photographs of her depict a white-haired lady of impressive, almost intimidating bearing, with…

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