Door draught stopper

Say goodbye to chilly drafts with these effective door draught stopper ideas. Keep your home warm and comfortable while saving energy and reducing heating costs.
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Long draft stoppers made of assorted fabrics - Choose your length from 50 to 240 cm; great for all doors, also for windows and patio doors. - PLEASE NOTE: these draft excluders can be cut to exact size free of charge. Just buy the next size up and put a note in the order note with the precise length you require. - 12/13 cm tall (14 cm on the sides). - Approximately 33 cm in CIRCUMFERENCE. - Filled with weighted wadding, compliant with British Fire Safety Standards. - Hanging hoop for when…

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About this item Robust adhesion: door draft stopper, filling gaps up to 1 inch, equipped with exceptionally strong adhesive that remains intact over time, ensuring a secure bond for enduring door protection; Kindly avoid opening and closing the doors within 12 hours after installation for optimal results Noise reduction: the door bottom seal designed by special structural, keep your room quiet, clean, suitable temperature Save money and energy: the most efficient solution to prevent the heat…

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Winter weather can be extremely chilly. If you have ever lived in a house where the winter winds and cold seep into your space through under the door, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your space warm and toasty. That is why we asked Remona Gopaul from the Stitching Scientist to show us how to make a door draft stopper. These simple sewing projects are a fantastic way to keep the cold out and the heat in. Bulky, long, and pressed right against the door crack, these ingenious door…

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Brand cuysfead Material Polyurethane (PU), Nylon, Polyethylene (PE) Colour Grey Product dimensions 3L x 0.03W metres Item thickness 0.08 Inches

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This DIY draft stopper is easy to make at home. It is very useful in keeping cold air from entering through windows and doors. This economical DIY is cheaper and easier to make at home, and it will save us a few dollars while keeping the cold air out. For our draft stopper we inserted stones. Inserting small stones gives the draft stopper some weight. Some choose to insert grain and rice into the draft stopper, but these could spoil and get moldy when it comes in contact with water and would…

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ONE-SIDED UNDER DOOR DRAFT STOPPER! Fits door up to 36” and will close gaps of up to 1.3”. Materials made from sturdy and durable Styrofoam with luxury fabric attached. ENERGY EFFICIENT & NOISE REDUCTION! Cold air stays out and heat stays in. It’s also great for blocking out dust, sand and light. For harsh winters and noise reduction, add draft blockers to BOTH sides of the door! EASILY GLIDES ON ALL FLOOR TYPES! Works well on tiles, laminates, wood and stone. It can be used even on uneven…