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Ignite your child's imagination with these fun and creative doll play ideas. Discover how to create exciting scenarios and interactive playtime for endless entertainment.
Doll Classroom!  This site has some really great DIY for AG furniture and rooms!. Barbie, American Girl Doll Furniture, American Girl Doll House, American Girl Dollhouse, Doll Clothes American Girl, American Girl Doll Diy, American Girl Doll Accessories, American Girl Diy, Girls Dollhouse

It's been awhile since we last created a fun backdrop for the dolls so it was time that we put our thinking caps on to figure out what our next one should be. Zoey suggested a doll salon and since she already has lots of salon accessories I agreed that it was indeed a good idea and we did it! As with all my other backdrops, I used a foam core board that I found at our local dollar store and adhered patterned papers to it to create the look of paint or wallpaper. I used strips of cut white…

Nancy West
Cool Crafts for Your Room | American Girl Doll Play: Doll Craft - Make a Clubhouse for Your Dolls Barbie, Haken, Girl Dolls, Animales, Girls Dollhouse, American Girl Doll, Ag Dolls, American Girl, American Girl Birthday

I love Pinterest! Lately I find myself pinning doll craft ideas for when I have some time on my hands with Zoey for us to create a little something. This week we ended up having a day off of school due to the extreme cold and it was the perfect time for some doll crafting! I had pinned this DIY collapsible playhouse awhile back and we ended up doing our own version of the same project. We started out the same and cut the top off of our box and then reinforced the box with duct tape. But then…

Melanie Jones