Diy photo cupcake toppers

Add a personal touch to your cupcakes with these creative DIY photo cupcake topper ideas. Learn how to make unique and memorable decorations for any occasion.
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These darling DIY BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS USING PHOTOS were submitted by Louisa Kopp of Ice Cream off Paper Plates. These DIY decorations are so fun and simple to make. You could use them for so many different events including birthdays and showers. Louisa’s DIY Tutorial:Photo Banners and Cake Toppers : I cut out black and white photos of …

Marlys Aguirre
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Looking for a fun way to spice up a birthday party?! Try making these personalized birthday party cupcake toppers! They are quick, fun and easy to make! Plus... SUPER CUTE!

Allee Merrill
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It happened, Mamas. Senior Night for No. 1 was this past Friday. And guess what? I actually made it through without crying! I know, I know. HOW?!? Well, for starters I was crying on and off all week long. I was also running around like a chicken with my head cut off making sure that everything was set and that everyone knew where to be, and what to do. And finally, I spent waaaay too long doing my makeup to cry and forever look a hot mess in pictures. #FORREALS Senior Night actually began at…

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